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This advanced digital marketing course covers all the essential components of digital marketing. The person who has completed this course becomes the digital marketer and gets ready to work on all the components of digital marketing. After the course completion, one can easily find a job or start working as a freelancer.

Key Feature

  • 16 high quality modules.
  • Practical Training.
  • TechnoGaze Certification.
  • Case Study.
  • Live Project handling.
  • Hard Copy Notes.

Price: 15,000/- (Inclusive of Taxes)

Course Modules

Website Planning

TechnoGaze is one of the few companies in Bhopal, who provides training in website planning under digital marketing curriculum because we do understand its importance from digital marketing point of view. So, knowledge of basic website planning is delivered in our digital marketing training program.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is maximizing the number of visitors to a website, by ensuring that the website appears on top of the result page when a person searches for a particular query on the search engine. Technogaze Solutions offers the best SEO Training in Bhopal, where students will be awarded training Certification.

Search Advertising

Search advertising is the method of placing Ads on search result page of the search engine. When someone searches for a query on search engine then the Ads will appear on the result page. By the help of Google Adwords we can create search advertisement for google’s search result pages.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is the advertisement method in which Ads are placed on various websites and applications in the form text banner Ads, Image Ads, and shopping Ads. Google Adwords enables us to place the Ads depending on our requirements.

Video Advertising

Video advertising is the method of placing the video Ads on various applications and websites, especially on youtube. Videos are more engaging, so a good amount of sales can be generated through them. Place the video Ads using Google Adwords.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the second most visited website in the world, which tells us that how good it can be to promote business on facebook. Promotion can be done by free means or by running Ad campaigns. Different types of facebook Ads can be generated, each having an individual goal.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a social media site which connects various people and enables sharing of content among them. One can also promote business on twitter by both free and paid methods. Twitter marketing is one of the important components of the social media.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is one of the largest & trusted professional network platforms. LinkedIn could be an effective platform to promote your services / product because it has got over 66 Million professionals active from around the Globe. Many organization choose to go for LinkedIn marketing because they can directly reach the decision makers on LinkedIn.

Youtube Marketing

YouTube is largest video sharing platform and widely popular around the world. Content on the YouTube is viewed by millions of user every moment and thus it has become very important platform for advertisement. Many organization rely on YouTube for branding and thus it becomes vital for Digital marketing.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a way of promoting your products or services through the mean of emails. It is a very cost-effective method of promoting business, as it doesn’t require much of investment in it. Though comparatively it is also not considered too reliable in terms of promotion, still as a whole it is a much-needed form of digital marketing promotion.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a third-party marketing technique in which a merchant places the product on a website known as affiliate networks and a person trying to sell that product by putting his own efforts is known as affiliate. Now if a buyer purchases that product, then affiliate gets a commission for that sale.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is an old form of marketing technique in which a business sends several sms to the potential customers. At first, the company buys the sms and then broadcast them. Since some time, the use of sms marketing has been reduced.

Google+ Marketing

This is another social media platform from Google itself. You can actually able to create web page using Google+ and share with your network. Google + profile are great way to increase online presence. Google + business pages get listing on Google searches. Its Hangout feature is widely popular through which a user can Chat, Voice and can do live Video Conference.

Freelancing Techniques

One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing is that you can do freelancing, which means you can do projects from home. For example, if you are in Bhopal and want to earn through digital marketing, then by being in Bhopal only you can take projects and earn. In this way, digital marketing also gives you an option to earn good amount of money from home.

Digital Marketing Overview

Digital Marketing is basically promoting products or services using the internet. We can promote our business on various online platforms like search engines, social media, websites and many more. Technogaze is one of best digital marketing service provider and training company in Bhopal, who provides complete practical training on different digital marketing platforms.


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